Tow Truck Services in Senatobia, MS

Need a tow or mobile truck repair? If you’re within the Senatobia, Looxhoma, Coldwater, Como, or Strayhorn, MS area, Bo Denson Towing, Inc. is standing by, ready to get you and your vehicle out of a jam. We have a fleet of tow trucks ready to mobilize wherever and whenever you need us, and we’re equipped to tow any make or model. With 24-hour emergency service available, you won’t have to wait long to get the help you need.

  • Tow Trucks

    Our fleet of tow trucks, flatbeds and wreckers is ready to roll when your vehicle is immobilized. We’re capable of helping any make or model safely, and our tow technicians are experienced drivers who all hold a CDL. We’ll come collect you from wherever you are and get you back to our shop for repairs.

  • Wrecking

    After an accident, your vehicle might not be drivable. Call us for wrecker service and we’ll come to the scene of the accident to collect your automobile. Whether it’s totaled or just not safe to drive, we’ll handle it accordingly to make sure it’s transported in a timely manner.

  • Salvage

    Have vehicles headed for the scrap yard? Give us a call! Our car carriers can haul four cars at a time, and we’re familiar with all the area drop-off points for salvage vehicles. We’re happy to schedule pickup at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

  • Winch-outs

    Stuck in a ditch? Spinning your tires in the mud? When you’re stuck and can’t seem to get back on reliable ground, give us a call. We’ll winch you out of whatever mess you’re in and make sure everything is safe before sending you on your way.

  • Vehicle recovery

    We work with local businesses and agencies to recover abandoned vehicles that need to be moved. Whether they’re a nuisance or are actively blocking something, we’re on-call for vehicle recovery.

We Get Rid of the Rubbish

From abandoned vehicles to collision cleanup to roadside assistance and beyond, Bo Denson Towing, Inc. is available for tow truck service no matter the situation. Contact us at 662-292-0383 day or night for tow truck service in Senatobia, MS and throughout Tate County.

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